SDSU Recruiting Series: 2013 Power Forward Marcus Lee

SDSU Recruiting Series: 2013 Power Forward Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee San Diego State Target

Marcus Lee San Diego State Target


Marcus Lee 6’8 200 Deer Valley Defense 3stars 90

School’s that have offered Marcus Lee a scholarship so far: Arizona State, Boise St., Boston College, California, Colorado, Eastern Washington, Fresno State, Kansas State, Nevada, Northwestern, Pacific, St. Mary’s, San Diego State, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Texas A&M, UC Irvine, UCSB, UCLA, USC, UTEP, VCU, Virginia Tech, Washington and Washington State.

Marcus as is a power forward and is not currently ranked in the top 100. This is evident by the 3 star 90 rating and by the schools that have offered to him so far. These are the schools that he has interest in: Arizona, Baylor and Texas. This is one of San Diego State’s prized recruits for 2013 and are recruiting him heavily,

Washington State
San Francisco
San Diego State


Left Coast Recruiting our FanSided recruiting page recently conducted an interview with Marcus Lee:

How would you describe your style of play?

I’m a player who doesn’t worry about scoring and cares more about rebounds and blocks.  That is why I am leading the nation in blocks. I average 10 blocks a game and have 212 so far this season.  It helps that I play volleyball too. Left Coast Recruiting

The most impressive quality that this young man has to offer is his Strength. His ball handling skills and shooting skill are above par. He excels on the defensive side of the ball and is a human block machine. When you watch his highlight video you will be reminded of two former Aztecs, Billy White and Malcolm Thomas. He is the type of big man that Coach Steve Fisher likes. He is a big man who knows how to pass the ball and is a very good rebounder.


Would 2013 Power Forward Marcus Lee fit into the Aztecs program?

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Do you see a resemblance of Malcolm Thomas and Billy White in 2013 Power Forward Marcus Lee?

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