Adam Sandler and Brad Pitto talk about Netflix

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Adam Sandler and Brad Pitto talk about Netflix
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Adam Sandler and Brad Pitt are two quite acclaimed actors globally. In recent weeks, Pitt made headlines due to his participation in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's most recent film; while Sandler gave what to talk about with his role in Uncut Gems, a critically acclaimed film.

Anyway, these days, both artists discussed the seventh art and its inclusion in streaming platforms. The encounter between the two histrions arose at the initiative of the magazine Variety. It is worth mentioning that in 2014 Adam Sandler signed a multi-tape contract with Netflix. For his part, Brad also worked for the company with War Machine, a military satire published in 2017. So both have been collaborators of that kind of content.

In an open dialogue, they analyzed the good and the bad of having so many cinematographic works within reach of a click. Pitt started remembering that Sandler was one of the first to make the leap towards Netflix movies. In this regard, Adam Sandler replied that he did it because he loves that company to open the space for so many different types of comedies.

Brad then shared his analysis based on the idea that he is in favor of change: “I am not going to fight. I see the positive side more and more. I notice that really interesting material is made ... On the other hand, people talk about regretting the death of the film experience. Is he gone because the experience at home has become so good? »

Regarding Pitt's reflection, Adam Sandler said he does not think that experience is gone: “I do not think things go away forever. I simply think that this is where it is now ». Later, the protagonist of Ad Astra referred to the consequences of having a catalog with so many feature films available on Netflix:

«The good thing about streaming movies is that many of them have more eyes on them; More people really look at them. The disadvantage: there is so much material that the tapes can become disposable. ”

Before that observation, his colleague responded with a more optimistic tone: «However, it seems that it is very exciting to see things of the productions that everyone is talking about, one says:‘ OK, I have to see that. »

Angelina Jolie's ex-husband celebrated the fact that it doesn't take much effort in advertising to reach a wide audience. We invite you to watch the video that records this talk below.

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