Alec Baldwin enjoyed a walk with the children

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Alec Baldwin enjoyed a walk with the children
© Instagram / Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin's husband has enjoyed a walk through the streets of New York with the best company: that of two of his six children whom he has conquered with his best faces.

Alec Baldwin does not take off the comedian 'suit' or to act as a father. A few days ago, the actor went for a walk in the streets of New York with his two youngest children: Leonardo, three years old, and Romeo, almost a year and a half. The comedian and the children were accompanied by their caretaker and Hilaria Baldwin's husband was very aware of them taking out his funniest side. As if it were a set, Alec managed to get several smiles to the children who, within six months, will receive the arrival of a new family member because Hilaria is, again, pregnant.

Hilaria has already passed the first trimester of pregnancy and has announced that she is waiting for a girl who will be a new playmate for her four siblings: Carmen, six years old; Rafael, of four; Leonardo, three, and Romeo who will turn a year and a half and will be a toy for Ireland, the daughter Alec had with Kim Basinger. This pregnancy came after the yoga instructor suffered an abortion last summer.

At 60, Alec is delighted with his best role: that of a large family man. Since Alec and Hilaria, who met in 2011, got married in 2012, the couple has not separated. It is very common to see them in the streets of New York, where the whole family resides, and, on this occasion, the actor, instead of throwing toys, has used the carantoñas to entertain the little ones.

Leonardo and Romeo were accompanied by their caretaker and the three have enjoyed the carantoñas of the actor who stuck out his tongue, laughed and made faces for his children to have a great time.

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