Amanda Seyfried as a cartoon character

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Amanda Seyfried as a cartoon character
© Instagram / Amanda Seyfried
"In a world destroyed by evil, we will discover the epic origin of the greatest team in the history of mystery," says the first official trailer of? SCOOBY! movie that will follow the origin of the friendship between Shaggy and his dog Great Danes Scooby Doo, and the team to solve mysteries that later formed with Fred, Daphne, Vilma.

According to the official description that Warner Bros. Pictures published, it is "the first animated adventure of Scooby-Doo for the big screen", and its synopsis is based on "the story never before told of the origins of Scooby-Doo and the greatest mystery in the career of Mystery Inc ”.

As for the dubbing, in the English version, Frank Welker will be the voice of Scooby-Doo, Zac Efron will play Fred, Will Forte will be Shaggy, Gina Rodriguez will voice Vilma, and Amanda Seyfried will do the same with the Daphne character.

In addition there will be the voices of Kiersey Clemons as Dee Dee, Mark Wahlberg as Blue Falcon and Jason Isaacs as Dick Dastardly.

The movie will premiere on May 15, 2020 in Argentine movie theaters and will be directed by Tony Cervone, nominated twice for Emmy for his work on the animated series Duck Dodgers.

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