Amber Heard may be right in relation to Johnny Depp

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Amber Heard may be right in relation to Johnny Depp
© Instagram / Amber Heard
Johnny Depp continues in a spiral of self-destruction while fighting a complicated legal battle against his wife, actress Amber Heard. The popular actor drink so much alcohol that he has begun to worry his surroundings, that he understands that he has to reduce this "rock and roll star lifestyle" before it is too late because his current state invites us to think that things will end Too bad for him.

"Johnny was still asking for bottles of vodka in his hotel room at three in the morning when he had a red carpet event the next day," said a person close to Depp for the RadarOnline news portal. "He was drinking alcohol during the event in a cup of coffee. It was wild. His security men had to keep it firm on his feet," he added.

At 56, the actor has been staying in a hotel room in Sydney, Australia, and despite having said he did not like it, I joke shortly after to say that it would end up completely destroyed. "It's fine because I will destroy it anyway," he said, as one of his trusted people expressed for the medium.

The actor filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard after he claimed he had been a victim of domestic violence. "At nightfall, Johnny hit me several times, pushed me and threw me to the ground, drowned me and spit in my face," she explained. "Johnny tore his clothes off and in a moment he was naked and barefoot, covered in alcohol and glass," she continued to express.

Depp denied these accusations and demands compensation of 50 million dollars, although the process will be lengthy. For the moment, the three-time Oscar nominee will have to submit his medical record, since the Amber Heard legal team intends to demonstrate that the abuse of alcohol and other substances could have caused the violent behavior with which he allegedly had punished the actress.

The battle between the two dates back to 2016 and since then they have not stopped throwing accusations in public. In February of last year they reached an agreement with which Depp had to pay more than five million to his ex-wife and this withdrawal the restraining order against him.

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