Amber Heard already picking up a replacement

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Amber Heard already picking up a replacement
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The actress that Amber Heard is going through a very complicated moment in her career and her personal life, because the fact of raising her voice against her ex-husband Johnny Depp for abuse is becoming a true ordeal, as some people have considered that the accusations have no basis, so they have started a campaign to withdraw the actress from the second movie of the king of the seas, so, here are some actresses who could be Mera, if they decide to withdraw Amber Heard.

Natalie Dormer

This 37-year-old British actress has had a fairly prolific career, as she has been in quite important sagas like ‘Game of Thrones’ bringing the character of Margaery Tyrell to life and vida The Hunger Games ’. We cannot deny that she is a strong enough woman who could carry the weight of this character without any problem.

Emma Roberts

This young actress has had a pretty good career in recent years, perhaps most remember her for the series 'American Horror Story' or 'Scream Queens', but has also been on several films, from an early age, her youth and her ease to represent women with strong character could help enough to put on the goddess of the seas suit.

Fisher island

This 43-year-old actress is perhaps one of the least known, but that does not mean she has a bad career, because in a period of just over 10 years she has had a large number of movies and series, among which 'Now You See Me 'along with Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg, perhaps being the most emergent actress can help her to accept the role, in addition to having a natural red hair, it could serve enough for the role.

Kaley Cuoco

This actress famous for her role as Penny in the 'The Big Bang Theory' is not indifferent to DC, as she is giving her voice for the character of Harley Quinn in the animated series, in addition to having a knowledge of this entire universe, it is known which is quite versatile for acting, so that without any problem I could enter the role of Mera for the Aquaman sequel.

Dianna Agron

This actress is the same age as Amber Heard and also has extensive experience, because she has not only been in the movies, but also on TV, where she may be remembered for being part of the cast of 'Glee', a series where I play the Quinn Fabray student. Without a doubt, her physique and her extensive experience could make her the role of Mera for the DCEU.

Perhaps the decision to withdraw Amber Heard is very extreme and perhaps not taken into account by Warner and DC, but we cannot deny that the scandals cause the actors to be removed from important roles, remember that Ben Affleck had serious problems due to his relapse in Alcoholism, meanwhile, these are some of the actresses that could be Mera if the pressure causes them to withdraw Amber Heard.

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