Angelina Jolie started drinking because of Brad Pitt

03.24.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Angelina Jolie started drinking because of Brad Pitt
© Instagram / Angelina Jolie
Jolie is reported to hit the bottle when he finds out that Pitt and Aniston are meeting behind her. There are allegations that Jolie caught drinking a large glass of wine at the premiere party a few days after Aniston and Pitt had a three-hour meeting at the Sony Pictures premiere. Pitt recently attended the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Aniston, says the source.

But nothing binds a glass of wine as evidence that she drinks because of Aniston and Pitt. Equally important, Pitt and Aniston did not have a secret meeting at Sony.

This fake story was published last week, and representatives of both stars confirmed that there was no such meeting.

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