Anna Faris has become a bride again

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Anna Faris has become a bride again
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Comedian Anna Faris was seen wearing a luxurious ring in early November; Today, everything seems to indicate that the suspicions were true.

After the divorce with Chris Pratt, the star of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and that he married Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Anna Faris began dating filmmaker Michael Barrett and it seems that the lovers finally got They have compromised.

Apparently the rumors that the filmmaker had given her an engagement ring were true though, it is not surprising since 2017 and only two months after his separation with Pratt, Faris and Barrett have been inseparable.

Entertainment had published in that, at the beginning of November the comedian sported a large diamond ring but the couple never declared anything; However, recently a photographer found them in a restaurant where the couple had gone to dinner and he approached them to congratulate them on the commitment.

Anna thanked her for the congratulations and did not deny that this was a rumor, although commenting on the wedding date, the couple only declared that they were not yet ready to put it on, and it is understandable that the comedian wants to go slowly after have two divorces under his belt.

“This is a difficult area for me because I have been through two divorces. I'm in an incredible relationship, I want to talk to everyone about these things, which I really don't know much about. But I also feel that I want to protect things in a way that I had not considered before. ”

This declared the actress in one of her Unqualified podcast episodes. Remember that Faris, before being married to Pratt, had a marriage with fellow actor Ben Indra. Anna stated in one of her podcasts that she had left Ben for Chris, something that impacted the audience to her followers.

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