Aretha Franklin has its highway

07.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Aretha Franklin has its highway
© Instagram / Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin died a year ago. The singer lived and was born in Detroit. In honor of her name, a bill was submitted, which states that the name of Aretha Franklin was assigned to a part of the city highway. A statement has already been made that all statutory documents have already been signed.

Officially, at the beginning of this week, the state governor made a speech in which he assigned parts of the road the name Aretha Franklin. The governor in his speech said that for him this event is a great honor, assigning the highway the name of a famous person living in the state.

Aretha Franklin was a well-known star in the United States and beyond. Fans are very pleased with the decision of the state authorities.

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