Aretha Franklin has quarreled their sons

07.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Aretha Franklin has quarreled their sons
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The son of the late singer, is still fighting for the inheritance. The man plans to give back to the examination of the will, which Aretha Franklin left. He wants to make sure that they were written by her.

After the discovery of these testaments, the passion between the sons of the singer intensified. Real wars between brothers for the inheritance began.

Recall that in the house of the deceased in 2018, the singer in Detroit found three testaments made during his lifetime.

One of the sons, turned for help to a specialist in handwriting. He is sure that someone forged a will after the death of his mother. A man wants the judge to give permission for this examination, because earlier the court did not allow it.

Aretha Franklin wrote the first will in 2010, she wrote the second will two years later, and two years later she wrote the third. Two wills were found in the safe, one was hidden in the sofa.

After the lawyer announced the wills to the children of the singer, a feud began between them.

This is because Kelaf, one son of the singer, wants to take the inheritance from his brother Owens. He accused him of mismanaging the property. He also wants to get all the jewelry of the singer and become the only heir and owner of the entire legacy of the singer. The third son of the singer, Edward Franklin, fully supports Kuklafa.

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