Ariana Grande recalls relationship with Pete Devidson

07.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Ariana Grande recalls relationship with Pete Devidson
© Instagram / Ariana Grande
Last year for the artist has become very intense. In addition to her ups and downs in his career, the singer began a romantic relationship.

After a long relationship with Mac Miller, who died last fall, the singer began an affair with Pete Davidson, with whom she was engaged. Pete Davidson is a successful American stand-up actor, the first participant in the cult television show Saturday Night Live, a comedian by profession and vocation.

The couple broke up after five months of relationship. Ariana Grande recalls with warmth about this relationship. The artist says that Pete Davidson will forever remain in her heart.

In June 2018, many of us were shocked to learn that Ariana Grande was very happy with Pete. Fans of the actress were sure that she finally met true love. But soon, the singer left Pete.

Ariana Grande did not comment on her care. She put all her emotions into music and songs. The singer admitted that she very hard experienced this divorce. Ariana Grande said that life with Pete Devidson was rich, and this relationship was developing too rapidly. Although this novel lasted only five months, it was a happy period, cheerful and carefree, I loved this man very much, ”Ariana said.

After the end of this relationship, in order to more easily transfer this time, the singer focused on her career.

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