Ariana Grande declared war on photographers at their concerts

03.28.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Ariana Grande declared war on photographers at their concerts
© Instagram / Ariana Grande
American music star Ariana Grande provoked outrage of photographers and media organizations for their new concert tour. Reportedly, in response to the fact that “greedy photographers” used it in the past, the new contract requires that photographers transfer the full right to their photos.

The new Grande policy on concert photos was the result of "exploitation" by people benefiting from their concert photos.

New conditions limit photographers to only the first three songs at a concert. They also state that all photographs are taken on the principle of “work for hire”, which means that the photographer agrees to transfer all rights to Grande.

Finally, if photographers want to use the pictures they take for any purpose, including journalism, they must obtain written permission from Grande.

As expected, photographers are unhappy with this contract, and some fairly large organizations in the world of photojournalism are publicly protesting against this policy.

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