Arnold Schwarzenegger told who inspired him for politics

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Arnold Schwarzenegger told who inspired him for politics
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The actor and former governor of California (United States), Arnold Schwarzenegger, said Friday that the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada (2000-2006), inspired him to venture into politics.

During his conference at the Citek 2019 Business Summit forum, of which Fox is a host in San Cristobal, in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, he also remembered when he saw the Mexican president in 2000.

During the filming of the movie "Dano Collateral" in Mexico, I watched on television a politician out of series: it was Fox, then presidential candidate of the PAN, who that year made history by breaking the hegemony of the PRI, commented the actor.

“Every night I saw how he was riding on his horse, his speeches, and the things you said were so inspiring, and you were a foreigner, a businessman who started in a Coca-Cola truck. That for me was very inspiring and had an effect on me for me to get into politics in 2003, ”he revealed.

Fox subsequently visited Schwarzenegger in 2006, when he was seeking re-election in the Government of California.

According to the bodybuilder, that action (Fox's visit) sent a very strong message to the Latin American electorate that ultimately allowed him to win the votes.

"Since then we have maintained this relationship," Arnold said, adding that he loves Mexico, "I made four movies here, and I loved people, I have always been a fan of Mexico since day one."

He said that his time in the governorship of California (2003-2011) was complicated and that if he won the election it was because he convinced the electorate that he was a different politician, similar to Fox.

"Typical politicians have ruined the state, why don't they try something different?" He recalled asking the voters.

In his keynote address, Schwarzenegger revealed details of his passage as governor of California and anecdotes of filming.

Note that it was complex to deal with the legislators of your state because it is difficult to please everyone. "You have to make decisions together was a much bigger challenge than I thought."

As a final message, he said that "we are all equal, no matter where you come from."

The actor received cowboy boots made in the Mexican city of Leon, state of Guanajuato, and a Mexican charro hat that bore his name embroidered in gold letters.

Schwarzenegger said goodbye to the Terminator-style public: "See you soon, baby."

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