Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin team up in protests

11.7.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin team up in protests
© Instagram / Bad Bunny
Puerto Rican singers Ricky Martin, Residente and Bad Bunny will join their voices in a song, they have announced this Wednesday through their social networks.

"? The meeting was given, get ready! #CANTALO", Martin published next to an image of the profiles of the three surrounded by their names.

The urban artists Residente and Bad Bunny already launched last July the single and music video in which they collaborate, "Bellacoso", a moving and danceable reggaeton theme.

"Bellacoso" shows the revitalizing sound of two generations that fuse their individual style for an "energy dembow / reggaeton."

The rhythm takes up the roots of Resident reggaeton when he led the Calle 13 group.

Ricky Martin, Residente and Bad Bunny were, together with other Puerto Rican artists, the summoners, along with social organizations, of several demonstrations that this summer, known on the island as "Summer of 19", which led to the resignation of former Governor Ricardo Rossello.

Already Resident, in his social media accounts, had promised that he would launch "a perreo" if Rossello resigned, so with the song with Bad Bunny he fulfilled his promise.

Rossello resigned after revealing the content of a chat in which he participated with several members of his government in which journalists, party members and representatives of the LGBT community were attacked - including Martin himself.

For his part, Martin said at the end of October that his next album will be influenced by the protests cited.

The album, which still does not have a title, but which the artist indicated to release in early 2020, will load some of the experiences he lived during the demonstrations.

According to Ricky Martin, this historical experience not only influenced him for the album but also to inspire others.

Martin already anticipated that for the same week of the Latin Grammy-November 14-, where he will be one of the three presenters, he would launch his newest theme, which will be included in his next production.

Finally, I reveal that during the protests, "I find respect and brotherhood" with the Puerto Rican urban artists Bad Bunny and Residente.nos. "As did singers like Victor Jara or Silvio Rodriguez.

An academic says it: this musical style has changed from the identification with the "universal machismo" to a speaker to combat the laughter of power. "It would be necessary to differentiate between a first reggaeton, the one of the low funds, in which female lizards harassed by males appeared, with letters of a forgettable vulgarity; and another one that studied music, in which we can include Resident (ex of Calle 13 ), Tego Calderon - in the line of Ruben Blades - or even Daddy Yankee, although this one is more catchy and does not have such a pronounced social criticism, "Garcia explains.

The Puerto Rican historian is not interested in reggaeton beyond that he has been able to tear down a government - not a minor thing - and he began to treat it generically when his students proposed to analyze gasoline in class. "I did not see it as an outburst, but as a social expression," he says despite the fact that the song includes rhymes such as: "Liar, you know more than anyone else that you are crazy / Now dance and take off your clothes."

"Many of those lyrics are very macho, but then that has been changing. It is important for me to make it notice," Garcia says. And about the debatable use of language? "A lot of people are shocked at the foul, but selectively and with the words together. They are not constantly speaking badly."

The reggaeton of Latin America springs - although there are countries like Cuba where this musical style is not very well seen by the State; the writer Leonardo Padura doesn't like it, as Garcia remembers - and it spreads all over the world. In Spain, the lists of musical successes are played, it sounds on all sides and they sing it to the children. And it is only necessary to remember the ball of the bad, that Ana Guerra and Aitana collected with skepticism and ended up becoming their greatest success. The new life of reggaeton starts in a congress of the Spanish language.

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