Bad Bunny surprised fans in a new way

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Bad Bunny surprised fans in a new way
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The Puerto Rican surprises us again, this time next to a five-time grammys winner such as Latin American superstar Ricky Martin. Something was cooked in social networks last Sunday and the rumor turned out to be true.

It is not a secret that Bad Bunny and Residente (Ex-vocalist of Calle 13) congenial to perfection since we have been able to see through social networks and videos on YouTube that they are intimate friends. They were very united in the protest last summer against the former head of Puerto Rican government, Ricardo Rossello, in which both said they would raise two issues together once the resignation of the politician was achieved. What is promised is debt; "Sharpening knives" and "Bellacoso" came to light showing the reality about the corruption on the island as a hip hop and dembow, musical genres that Benito has not accustomed us.

We can assume that the song "Sing it" arises from these events since the three were very active in the protests and could even be seen together.

This new single pays homage to the mythical theme of salsa singer Hector Lavoe: "My people." We found a mix of styles including in this pop, salsa and reggaeton. It is a theme whose lyrics invite you to dance in your salsa base and sing in hip hop and reggaeton that include Residente and Bad Bunny. The references to Hector's lyrics are constant and he calls for the people to be united, enjoying and dancing among themselves, no matter where you are from, religion or race as one of his verses says: “Let San Juan dance, I danced Havana, tight? like in Copacabana "

If we go back years ago we remember Benito Martinez best known by his stage name as Bad Bunny, a trap, reggaeton and dancehall singer, but many people wonder where these themes were.

In 2018, he released his first album “X100pre” in December, which was a success despite not belonging to the genre he had accustomed to fans and this allowed him to open up to new markets and publics in which he included alternative Rock in the song "We have to talk", bachata and dembow in "La romana" or ballads in "If we were together" in addition to a theme of trap "being bichote" among others. In June 2019 he would release his second album with J Balvin called "Oasis" which includes trap and reggaeton in addition to some pop songs like "Un peso" with Marciano Cantero.

The public received both projects with a wonderful acceptance despite being different, however the real surprise would come when the "bad rabbit" under his first name launches the single "Flower" with Los Rivera Destino. This song is a bolero whose motive is the celebration of Father's Day in the US and arises thanks to the fact that Bad Bunny knew the version in bolero that the Puerto Rican group versioned the theme “Te bote” by Darell, Nio Garcia and Casper Magico in which he collaborated, so he decided to participate at the express request of Los Rivera Destino.

But this does not end here, last October we were to get on the YouTube platform the following topic: Nathanael Cano x Bad Bunny - I am The Devil (Remix).

Seeing this title we could think of a song of Bad Bunny "made for the street or to dance in the nightclubs", but at the beginning of this we began to listen to reggaeton mixes with Mexican bullfights and yes, it is indeed a Remix of a bullfight Mexican artist Nathanael Cano. Despite being a style so different from previous genres, we can see that the lyrics are true to their trap themes: "Many bastards that throw me away, but I always ignore them riding horses in Yeezy with the garments in gold."

Without a doubt, he is a very versatile artist who has evolved throughout the years and demonstrates his musical maturity by mixing and embarking on so many genres coming out of each one of them with all the public's acceptance.

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