Bella Thorne started making an erotic movie

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Bella Thorne started making an erotic movie
© Instagram / Bella Thorne
The actress is determined to continue her career as a director. Actress Bella Thorne challenged herself and strangers by launching to direct an erotic film, but that has not prevented her from posting on her Instagram account photographs that show her bold and transgressive image.

The singer has also left everyone speechless with some images that show her in the bathroom, wet and naked; However, they are posed photos and do not have a degree of sleaze.

These photographs of Bella already have more than one million 200 thousand likes; Along with Miley Cyrus, Thorne was one of the first actresses discharged from the Disney channel to show a rebellious and sexy image, as opposed to the characters they played.

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