Beyonce inspires the Christian masses

11.11.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Beyonce inspires the Christian masses
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The atmosphere was conducive. A few days before the Reverend Yolanda Norton decided to climb the altar for the first time, Beyoncé had done the same in her particular pulpit, the scene of the Coachella festival, before a few tens of thousands more. On April 14, 2018, dressed as an Egyptian goddess, the artist rose as the first black woman to lead the prestigious contest poster displaying a show so overwhelming that even her legion of the faithful requested that the appointment be renamed thereafter Like Beychella His was a concert worthy of turning atheists into blessed. Literally. Only nine days later, more than a thousand people crowded on a Wednesday afternoon in a cathedral in San Francisco - which is usually only half a hundred - to worship the singer in a mass that has become a global phenomenon today.

The Beyoncé Mass are services that are inspired by the life, lyrics and music of the star to reflect on the influence of gender and race on the Christian faith, especially with regard to the role of the black woman within her. The Hosanna in heaven and What joy when they told me have given way to the Survivors, Halo or Listen, hits of the Texan singer who as the gospel act as a catalyst and thread of the ceremony. The one in San Francisco, at Grace Cathedral, was the first to be celebrated with Yolanda Norton, a professor specialized in the Old Testament, as a creator and preacher. Malcolm Clemens, dean of the institution, explained the purpose of the service that was going to take place between its sacred walls: “God is in all things and more Beyoncé has been created in the image and likeness of God.

The Church has not treated black women fairly and it is time to face that truth. ” It is not the first time that the congregation dares with metaphors of this caliber since in the 60s they offered one that had as its central figure the jazz legend Duke Ellington.

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