Beyonce decided to answer questions from journalists

06.13.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Beyonce decided to answer questions from journalists
© Instagram / Beyonce
Beyonce does not want to talk on camera. Over the past year, she did not give an interview at all. Four years ago she was photographed for the cover of a famous magazine. While attending one of the famous concerts, she decided to answer questions for the first time ever.

Beyonce attended one event in which she was dressed as an African cat. In a lion suit, she walked with her family along the red carpet. She likes this kind of outfits. Beyonce like this kind of event, where you can appear in the light of the cameras with the whole family.

Beyonce thinks that art is an indicator of our life. Beyonce respects and loves African art and everything related to it. She believes that workers in this sector of society receive too low a salary.

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