Beyonce and Jay-Z are surprised by their long relationship

03.13.2019     /     News author: Dima

Beyonce and Jay-Z are surprised by their long relationship
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Beyonce and Jay-Z maintain a relationship that most people dream of. In the past they had a fair share of exams and difficulties. The way they are able to overcome their problems and come together with a new sense of love and dedication is truly inspiring.

Although Beyoncé began at a young age in the music industry, her husband's childhood was slightly different. He admitted that when he was not even a teenager he was living a life of drug trafficking and violence. Although the two had very different education, it was ultimately the music that brought the dynamic duo together. Today they are happily married and have three beautiful children.

When Beyonce was 18 years old, she joined the popular girl group Destiny's Child in 2000 at the MTV Spring Break Festival in Cancun. After the event, they sat side by side on the plane and met the 30-year-old rapper. Although she says there was nothing romantic at first, she obviously left a lasting impression on Jay-Z.

In song 713, Jay's texts tell their first meeting. "We played it cool at Cancun's pool, VMA. With the trust you exude, the fools stay in the way, "continues the song." Fate left me sitting next to you on the plane. And I knew it immediately. "So it seems clear that for Jay-Z, love was at first sight.

Later, the song tells how Queen B had a boyfriend at the time, and the couple would allow themselves long phone calls for two years until Beyoncé became single and Jay-Z finally made his move.

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