Billie Eilish show in Brisbane almost closed

05.9.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Billie Eilish show in Brisbane almost closed
© Instagram / Billie Eilish
The uncontrollable crowd of fans was the reason for the possible cancellation of the Billie Eilish performance. This was the last leg of the Australian Billie Eilish tour.

After the FINNEAS support action, the police and promoters were forced to rush onto the stage to reassure fans who came very close to the barrier.

The orchestra pit turned into a flurry of punches, scratches and elbows.

"I was in the second row, and I was pushed, pushed, tore off my hair, bent my elbows in the ribs, and I could barely breathe when my chest was crushed," shared one of the members of the crowd

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