Blackpink official confirmation of cooperation with DJ Snake

05.16.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Blackpink official confirmation of cooperation with DJ Snake
© Instagram / Blackpink
DJ Snake has officially confirmed his future collaboration with Blackpink.

Fans asked DJ Snake on Instagram: Will you create a song with Blackpink? He gave a short but fascinating answer: Yes.

Rumors about the collaboration of DJ Snake and Blackpink have been going on since DJ Snake published information about the K-pop Blackpink group of girls in September 2018. Finally, after a while, DJ Snake and others confirmed that he would perform the song with the Blackpink quartet.

DJ Snake, who took the 9th place in the Billboard Dance 100 dance musicians rating in 2018, attended the BlackPink In Your Area World Tour in Los Angeles in April.

In his Twitter post, he wrote: DJ Snake and BlackPink in your area.

The recording was accompanied by a photograph of a long-legged quartet and a hit DJ, which can be seen by raising a finger to his lips, and the girls look as if they know something that the viewer does not know.

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