Blake Lively deleted all her Instagram posts

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Blake Lively deleted all her Instagram posts
© Instagram / Blake Lively
That celebrities use Instagram at will is a fact that we live constantly. But, even if they do and undo with their social networks, we are always surprised by the changes and movements that are in them. After the deleted photo of Bella Hadid after Selena Gomez's sweet comment on this one, now the one that has revolutionized Instagram has been Blake Lively.

One of our favorite actresses has once again put us on alert through IG with something that many other celebrities have already done before: the 25.8 million followers of the actress did not stop asking us why I delete all her publications -including those she had with Ryan Reynolds-, minus one of them.

The actress of 'Gossip Girl' is already preparing for the premiere of her next movie, and this is just part of a strategy to promote her next job. Ms Blake has decided to eliminate all his publications, except one of September, when he shared the preview of the movie 'Rhythm'. This blow of effect has meant that now we cannot stop thinking about the next 'film'.

And if your last social media trick sounds familiar, you're not mistaken: last year, the actress did the same with her Instagram as part of her promotional strategy for 'A Simple Favor', in which the 30-year-old actress was one of the protagonists with the actresses Linda Cardellini and Anna Kendrick.

And this new work starring Blake Lively will hit theaters on January 31 - approximately - next year. The action thriller follows an international spy, with the name of Stephanie Patrick (played by Lively), who seeks to discover the truth behind an air accident that killed his family. After Patrick, who was also destined to be on the flight, discovers that the accident was not an accident, he embarks on a mission to locate the people responsible for the death of his family assuming the identity of a murderer.

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