Bob Marley African Reggae Legend

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Bob Marley African Reggae Legend
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On May 11, 1981, Robert Nesta Marley passed away. At that time he was the most sought-after singer. Marley's albums have received several posthumous awards around the world.

During his life, Bob Marley inspired millions of people. His songs were filled with a philosophy of life. Affectionately, Bob Marley was called "The Legend."

More Bob Marley songs were based on the theory of the Rastafari movement, the unity of Africa, human rights, politics, freedom, peace, love and racial equality.

Bob Marley released his first album Judge Not in 1962 at the age of 17. This brought success and impetus to further development.

Bob Marley was a passionate pan-African who believed in African unity, freedom, and the empowerment of blacks. He wrote a number of anti-imperialist tracks, such as Exodus, Survival, and Blackman's Redemption.

During his famous concert "One Love Peace" in 1978, Bob Marley brought together on the stage two political leaders of Jamaica - Prime Minister Michael Manley and opposition leader Edward Saegu.

In his revolutionary songs, “Stand Up, Stand Up and Revolution,” Bob Marley called on Africans to rebel and fight the “oppressor” for their freedom.

He released The Song of Atonement and Africa Unites, condemning racism. One of his popular songs, Zimbabwe, was recorded when he spoke at the 1980 Zimbabwe Independence Day celebration.

Bob became a key defender of the Rastafari movement in the 60s. Rastafari's principles of philosophy influenced his musical style, and this gave the movement worldwide recognition.

Being the ambassador of Rastafari, Bob Marley wrote several songs highlighting the philosophy of the movement. Bob began using marijuana in 1966 when he adopted the Rastafari faith.

However, Marly was baptized on November 4, 1980; a decision that left many Rastafarians disappointed. According to his Christian mother, the last words of Bob were: “Jesus, take me.”

Legend has left an indelible mark on the reggae industry. In 1978, Bob was awarded the Medal of Peace by the United Nations in recognition of his efforts for peace, equal rights and justice for Africa.

His album “Exodus” was declared the “Album of the Century” in 1999 by Time magazine, and the BBC called the song “One Love” the “Millennium Song”.
In 2001, Bob Marley was awarded the prize "For achievements in the life of the Grammy" and "Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." His masterpieces of the tracks were awarded many other awards and honors posthumously.

Bob married Rita Anderson in 1966, and the couple had four children. Meanwhile, Bob Marley gave birth to many children outside of marriage. Altogether he had 11 children.
Besides music, football was his greatest passion. In 1977, Marly was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma (cancer) on one of his thumbs. But he refused medical advice to amputate the toe, citing religious beliefs.

Bob's health began to deteriorate as the cancer increased to other parts of his body. Unfortunately, Legend abandoned the ghost at 36 years old in the United States.

While in his hospital bed, he told his first son, Ziggy Marley, "Money cannot buy life." Bob Marley received a state funeral in Jamaica on May 21, 1981. He was buried in a chapel near his birthplace.

After 38 years of his death, the legacy of Bob Marley still lives. “Do not gain peace and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold, ”B. Marley.

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