Brad Pitt did not lose his chance

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Brad Pitt did not lose his chance
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In 1994 the movie "Interview with the Vampire" was released, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and became a hit of the time with $ 224 million in revenue and achieved recognition of being the ninth highest grossing film of that year . At that time, undoubtedly Tom Cruise was the biggest star in the world and the story was great, based on the original novel by Anne Rice, which had sold eight million copies and being the origin of a literary saga that has now delivered twelve deliveries .

Who was also in that movie was Brad Pitt (Shawnee, Oklahoma, 1963) who in an interview several years ago for the entertainment magazine Entertainment Weekly acknowledged that he had not had a good time filming. "In Interview with the vampire you seem so miserable throughout the movie," says journalist Jeff Giles. And Pitt replies: “I was a bastard! Six months in the fucking darkness. ” Brad Pitt explains that he accepted the role without reading the script. It was not yet the mega star that it is today, but it was one of the great promises of Hollywood. The opportunity to work with Tom Cruise and a director like Neil Jordan (who was also his friend) was very tempting. Likewise, the shooting did not start at all badly: “The best thing I got from that movie is my love story with New Orleans. We rolled at night, so I rode a bike every night. I made great friends there. But then we arrived in London, and London was a fucking darkness. It was the hardest of winter. ”

It was filmed at night because Jordan did not want a single sunbeam to caress the actors' faces during filming. When they arrived in London, they did not shoot at night, but in studies (Pinewood) that Pitt would describe as "a cauldron, a windowless mausoleum that has not been rehabilitated in decades." And on top, when they finished each day of filming, it was already night out. The darkness was continuous. “I confess, one day I broke. I thought life is too short for that quality of life. I called [the producer of the movie] David Geffen, who was a good friend of mine. And he came to see me. I said: ‘David, I can't anymore. I can not do it. How much would it cost me to leave? And he replied, very calmly: "Forty million dollars." And I say: ‘Ok, thanks’. The truth is that it served to end my anxiety. I thought: ‘I have to get up and handle this,” he said with a laugh. Luckily for him, Brad Pitt finished filming that movie and gained a lot of recognition and then forged the successful career
that it got.

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