Brad Pitt has a rule for women

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Brad Pitt has a rule for women
© Instagram / Brad Pitt
Before inviting someone out, put into practice this infallible rule inspired by the actor they would never say no. To say that Brad Pitt is attractive does not make you less of a man or jeopardize your (toxic) masculinity, makes you a realist and, when it comes to dating and relationships, he is just the person you should be thinking about. Navigating the field of appointments in 2019 is not exactly easy, there are already a million new ways in which they can fool you, reject you or leave you waiting for an answer that never comes and thinking if it's you or if something happened to your phone and that's why they left you in sight. Even with the new technologies, there are things that have not changed and will never change, one of them is the fact that we all want to know if the other person is interested before making the leap of faith towards the abyss of new relationships and First dates, and that's where Brad Pitt comes into play.

There is a rule inspired by the actor that lets you know if you are wasting your time with someone or if you really have the opportunity to stop being the single of the group, even for a while. This will save you a lot of time and suffering. Imagine this, you called a woman to ask her out and you are waiting for two possible results, in the best scenario she says yes and they make a plan to see each other, in the but, she makes some excuse to refuse your invitation. If your case is the second, then you must use the Brad Pitt rule to know how to proceed from there.

What is the rule? Think of a scenario in which Brad Pitt invites the same woman out, do you think she would use the same excuse with him if it was the actor who made the invitation? Would you say that she is very busy, that her cat died or that she has to change all the lights of her house? If the answer is no, then you are in trouble, rather you must understand that she has no desire to leave with you. Clearly you are not Brad Pitt (are you?), But, what this rule wants to make you understand is that, if a woman is interested in you, then there would not be too many excuses to make her refuse your invitation, unless it is something of weight, such as a work trip, a family tragedy or a previous commitment from which you cannot escape, but, if that is the case, the creator of the rule (who is an Internet man named Kevin Barney) says that they should propose an alternative plan that lets you know that you are interested.

If they give you an excuse and there is no alternative plan, then you can be sure that that is not going to take you anywhere and that they have no chances with that person (although Brad Pitt does and all his partners even want to change his look to look exactly like he does, because who does not want to be like Brad Pitt?), is not interested and you should not invite her again, that will leave her in the painful situation of having to ghoste or block you and that is not going To be nothing good for your self-esteem or mental health. You are probably never as cool, interesting, irresistible and iconic as Brad Pitt, but at least you can use it so that your next attempt to invite a woman out comes out a little better and you don't have any doubts about whether she is interested in you or it is better to advance to another possible relationship. Brad Pitt probably never had to use this rule.

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