Brad Pitt was not allowed to complete his speech

04.11.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Brad Pitt was not allowed to complete his speech
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Most recently, a meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Los Angeles. The meeting discussed the issue of financing and reconstruction of the Museum of Art.

The actor was invited to participate in the meeting. Speaking with his speech, Pitt made sharp remarks and very passionately expressed his opinion. Brad Pitt praised the design of the gallery, proposed by architect Peter Zumthor. He described the importance of the work of a famous architect.
The chairman of the board of the meeting was forced to intervene in the actor's performance Since the time allotted to Brad Pitt expired. The speech was not finished and the actor was given extra time.

Pitt thanked those present for the extra time provided. At the end of the speech, he added that all the actors are very verbose.

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