Bradley Cooper is mentioned in an exclusive interview

11.24.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Bradley Cooper is mentioned in an exclusive interview
© Instagram / Bradley Cooper
When A Star Is Born came out, fans were in love with the idea that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were a couple in real life. His chemistry was hard to ignore. On numerous occasions, Gaga came out and said that the rumors about her and Cooper sharing a romantic relationship are false.

Recently, the Oscar winner spoke with Oprah Winfrey for Elle about the true nature of her relationship with her co-star (among other things, such as Haus Laboratories, Gaga's past traumas and what her purpose as an artist is).

"I have to ask you a question about Bradley Cooper. The other day I was sitting in Bradley Cooper's kitchen, and he was taking care of his daughter, and we asked for take-away food, and it was wonderful to see him lean on Dad's," Winfrey addressed the Bradley Cooper theme. "He is a beautiful father," Gaga agreed.

"Isn't he a beautiful father? He has come in. We were talking about all the rumors about you last year. He said that if they had been true, he would never have been able to look you in the eye sitting on that piano," Winfrey continued. "Absolutely . Absolutely, ”Gaga replied.

Winfrey reiterated that Bradley Cooper told him that, due to his "Catholic guilt," he would never have been able to look Gaga in the eyes of the Oscars while singing "Shallow" if the rumors had been true as reported by Nueva Mujer.

“Frankly, I think the press is very dumb. I mean, we made a love story. For me, as an interpreter and actress, of course, we wanted people to believe we were in love, "Gaga replied when Winfrey asked him how he handled the rumors at that time."

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