Bradley Cooper did not confirm the affair with Lady Gaga

08.15.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Bradley Cooper did not confirm the affair with Lady Gaga
© Instagram / Bradley Cooper
Lady Gaga has a new affair with her sound engineer Dan Horton. Bradley Cooper refused to make any statements. Nothing in these words is reliable. Also, that does not go beyond the headings. It's hard to say what really happened.

The alleged relationship between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga has been debated for several months. They are together, they are not together, why did they break up, with whom are they dating? Hundreds of unanswered questions. They are still the most talked about couple. The latest information that became known again surprised everyone.

It is reported that Bradley Cooper, after a divorce from his wife, was supposed to officially start a relationship with Lady Gaga. As a result, the singer decided to continue her relationship with Dan Horton. They were spotted kissing each other on a date in Los Angeles.

Also, it became known that Lady Gaga is not going to wait until Bradley Cooper seriously thinks about their relationship. Bradley Cooper himself does not comment on these events. He is still worried after a divorce from his wife. The couple has a two year old daughter.

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