Bruce Willis revealed the secret of his appearance in the series Friends

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Bruce Willis revealed the secret of his appearance in the series Friends
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Throughout his 10 excellent seasons, Friends passed a series of big names as guest stars, including Bruce Willis. The arc of the story of 3 episodes of this mega actor during season 6 was possibly one of the most memorable, and not only because of his excellent performance, but because over time we learned that there was an interesting story behind those minutes ...

Bruce Willis played Paul Stevens during his time on Friends. Paul was the overprotective father of Elizabeth, Ross's young girlfriend during season 6. Paul made it clear how much he disapproved of Ross for dating his daughter, but he became hypocritical when he also ended up in a relationship with a younger woman: Rachel. At the end of Paul's story arc, it was revealed that he suffered an unpleasant childhood and a father he did not love. Raising Elizabeth was also just a difficult task.

We repeat: it was common that celebrities appeared in Friends, especially familiar faces of the 90s. And, it was always a success. Recall: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Robin Williams were just a handful of popular figures that appeared in the series. Willis' appearance, however, involved a funny story. After his bow at Friends, it was learned that Willis cameo was credited to a bet in which he lost. When losing the bet, Bruce had to join the series for a brief period, but how was that bet? What was it due to? Who did he lose it against?

Willis appeared in the series in the spring of 2000, a few months after his then new film, The Whole Nine Yards, hit theaters. The Whole Nine Yards, a comedy of black humor, cult today, also starred Matthew Perry, who played our beloved Chandler Bing in Friends.

While they worked on the tape, Perry bet on Willis that he would be at the top of the box office when it was released. Bruce had no high hopes for the performance of the film, so he accepted the bet and lost it. ?Outcome? The Whole Nine Yards was number 1 in the collection of cinemas in the United States of America for several weeks. As part of losing the bet, Willis was forced to play the role of Paul Stevens in the series.

Neither Bruce Willis nor Perry commented on the bet at the time, only that a collaboration in Friends would be a fun experience. It is likely that Willis did not want to confirm that I bet against the performance of a movie that I starred in, but it clearly worked for everyone involved.

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