Bruce Willis made another actor tremble with fear

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Bruce Willis made another actor tremble with fear
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Many consider it the best action movie ever made ... A little much, right? What we must accept from Die Hard (1988) is that he put a new genre on the table, which is still alive today: action + humor.

This first story of John McClane facing a building full of terrorists who meddled in the Christmas party of the company in which his wife works is one that has connected with millions of viewers of several generations. It's one of those movies that never goes out of style: you can watch it again and again (usually during the Christmas season) and it never gets boring.

For all this and because the holidays are approaching and Bruce Willis is one of our favorites, here we leave you curiosities behind the scenes of Die Hard.

In the scenes where John McClane walked barefoot on glass, Bruce Willis wore transparent rubber shoes so he wouldn't cut himself.

Nine of the twelve actors who played the terrorists were taller than Bruce Willis.

Hans Gruber's death scene is tremendous, yes. Also his face of surprise. Why that expression? Because, in the chroma, actor Alan Rickman was released earlier than planned. That's why that face was achieved.

The action happens in the building called Nakatomi Plaza. It is actually the Fox Plaza.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Nick Nolte, Richard Gere, Don Johnson, Richard Dean Anderson and UNTIL FRANK SINATRA were thought of as the first choice for the role of John McClane. : P

Bruce Willis was filming the very successful Moonlighting while this project was given. That's why having less time to film the secondary actors had more minutes on screen to fill in the script.

Every time Bruce Willis shot, Alan Rickman shivered at the sound. This was Alan Rickman's first big screen interpretation.

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