BTS surprised with another version of his most famous song

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

BTS surprised with another version of his most famous song
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The most valued band of the moment at the international level has premiered ‘Make it Right’ in acoustic version and its fans have not taken long to present a theory, BTS has again surprised the ARMY who has been very happy to enjoy this song.

The Korean singers do not stop surprising us, this time they have taken nothing more and nothing less than in acoustic version the song 'Make it Right' that if it was already a great song, we do not want to imagine the success that you can achieve now with the voices from the singers to capela. The ARMY how could it be otherwise has been tremendously happy to enjoy this hit and the voices of their idols in this way.

BTS fans who can't stand still have put together some other theory about a possible return of their children to the stage, far from everything being there, the ARMY has also assembled theories about the story that singers may be telling cover of the versions of each song they release. The single 'Make it Right' is par excellence one of the best known songs of the group, this song belongs to their latest album called 'Map Of The Soul: Persona', in recent months the band has released several different versions of this hit and this is something that drives the ARMY crazy.

The singers have published this song in collaboration with another artist, Lauv and also the remix of this hit, now they wanted to see the acoustic version, which has completely unleashed all the rumors that had already been talking about months ago. Many of the fans have cried after listening to the acoustic version of ‘Make it Right’ and say that this song has moved them inside. The acoustic version in which the boys sing with Lauv is available on numerous digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. The Koreans have also wanted to make a nod to the original version, with a guitar playing in the background, the song becomes a real romantic ballad. This version highlights the voices of the idols much more and we can fully appreciate the talent they possess.

As expected, the ARMY has not missed this moment and has focused on commenting on all the covers of the different versions of this song that the boys have taken and argue that with them BTS is telling the way they have lived to reach where they are and that in some of them there are representations of the obstacles that artists have had to overcome. BTS has not yet talked about the covers of these songs but if there is no doubt about us it is that this theme is triumphing in all its versions and whatever the cover.

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