BTS travels in time

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

BTS travels in time
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Not only is there a fan who tries to resemble Jimin and has undergone several surgeries, apparently there really is a double of the idol or rather an ancestor. Was there someone identical to Jimin many years ago? We do not know if it is a family relationship or it is a great coincidence, but a long time ago there was someone similar to him.

Apparently, Jimin's success was the work of fate and was connected to a Chinese family that existed 100 years ago. Que?? The theory arises because a long time ago a fan shared the photograph of an old family book where the portraits of some girls appear, one of them looks a lot like Jimin.

According to what the fans share, the girl was the niece of a famous architect named Lin Huiyin, OMG She was the first woman of that profession in Modern China, like Jimin, who has achieved several achievements with BTS being the first to some important achievements for the K-Pop industry.

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