BTS ends event in Seoul

03.23.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

BTS ends event in Seoul
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After a month of great work, on March 23rd, BTS and their fans completed the ARMYPEDIA event.

The group again held a grand event, ARMYPEDIA, tickets for which were sold out in a matter of minutes. A crowd of 10,000 people gathered in Seoul Cultural Park. They wanted to celebrate their memories of BTS and this event was broadcast live all over the world. With more than 130,000 viewers worldwide, through the official BTS channel on YouTube.

They explained:

- We planned to conduct a live broadcast of events around the world to share and enjoy the memories of BTS with fans around the world.

- ARMYPEDIA's global campaign provides a meaningful and unique experience. When 540,000 fans from around the world can come together to receive a message that BTS broadcasts to those who live with us in the same rhythm.

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BTS on the first line
2 hours ago
BTS on the first line