Burt Reynolds and 400 stars will also be reborn through CGI

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Burt Reynolds and 400 stars will also be reborn through CGI
© Instagram / Burt Reynolds
The company behind the resurrection of James Dean created a company that will take many stars to the cinema through CGI.

Don't expect James Dean to be the only actor to resurrect thanks to the "magic" of visual effects. According to Variety, the company - behind this rare creation - called CMG Worldwide has partnered with the Observe Media studio to form a new company with the name of Worldwide XR, and bring many other legends (already dead) to the big screen. to the cinema through CGI.

According to Variety's report, Worldwide XR already has the rights of 400 celebrities, including not only movie stars, but also athletes such as French fighter Andre the Giant and baseball player Lou Gehrig, who died more than 50 years ago. In addition to other recognized figures such as the Bettie Page model, the actor Burt Reynolds and the writer Maya Angelou, who died more recently. We are talking about that Worldwide XR is planning to form an army of “digital humans” that will most likely pay not only for conventional cinemas, but also other augmented and virtual reality projects.

"The influencers will come and go, but the legends will never die," said Worldwide XR CEO Travis Cloyd.

In some cases the animation experts will create the images with the help of existing photographs and movies, while in other processes similar actors will need the help to create the “digital humans”. According to Cloyd, the character development will depend on each project.

While there have been claims after the announcement that James Dean would be revived to star in Finding Jack, the story of a group of hundreds of dogs that were abandoned after the US invasion of Vietnam, Cloyd apparently worries him in the least. "It's harmful," he acknowledged, since "some people don't like it," he said, but argued it was inevitable. "We will do our due diligence," he said.

In addition, I reveal that "there is much more to come for James Dean," he said. "Think of it as James Dean 2.0."

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