Bushido Writes New Album

07.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Bushido Writes New Album
© Instagram / Bushido
Bushido hasn't been writing new songs for quite a while. The latest album Mythos was released in the fall of 2018, the last single by Gangsta Rappers is dated October last year. But now fans are feeling and waiting for a new album from their king.

Perhaps after the cessation of disputes in court between Abu Shaker and Bushido, the artist will have new themes for his songs. The media repeatedly published materials confirming Bushido’s connection with organized crime. Namely, it was about the Lebanese-Palestinian clan Abu Shaker.

Rapper Bushido, repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism and Islamism. Bushido was particularly criticized after recording the track on September 11. So, it is quite possible to expect new interesting texts.

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