Cardi B has expressed support for young mothers

06.8.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Cardi B has expressed support for young mothers
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Immediately after the birth of the first child of Cardi B in the middle of last year, she underwent severe cosmetic surgery on the chest.

Cardi B shared with young mothers details about the complications after breast augmentation surgery, saying that he would not risk returning to work for now. The state of Cardi B is unstable, and from this it is not yet ready to return to the rhythmic and intense schedule - it is too early, says young mother Cardi B.

Like many mothers, Cardi B was deeply concerned about the changes her body underwent, and felt the pressure trying to get back into the rhythm of life that Cardi B had before motherhood.

Cardi B said that she doesn’t have time for exercise, and even if she starts doing her breasts, it’s unlikely that her breasts will return to their former shape.

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