Chris Evans met classmates 20 years later

05.9.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Chris Evans met classmates 20 years later
© Instagram / Chris Evans
Chris Evans was able to come to the meeting of Lincoln-Sudbury High School graduates during a break between filming. This is his first meeting with classmates for 20 years.

This spring, Chris Evans starred in the Apple TV series Jacob's Protection in the Boston area, so planning a meeting was easy.

Evans' classmates were shocked by his arrival and at the same time happy to see a celebrity.

Chris Evans took care to have a sign with the name "Chris" on it in case someone does not know his name.

“Everyone was very happy that he was there. Many people wanted to take pictures with him, ”said Conrad’s manager.

Chris Evans was wearing a simple white T-shirt with a buttoned cardigan and dark trousers — a slim ensemble that made him blend in with group photographs.

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