Chris Hemsworth makes Elsa Pataky have difficulties

11.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Chris Hemsworth makes Elsa Pataky have difficulties
© Instagram / Chris Hemsworth
If there is something that Elsa Pataky likes to do every day, it is sport. The actress has a large garden that allows her to exercise outdoors and in her own home. A priori option very comfortable but that does not always become the quietest. In his last training Elsa has had an intruder. Her husband Chris Hemsworth has sneaked into the garden while she was doing her exercise chart. The actor has not made it easy for Elsa, who has seen how he had to make a greater effort by having Chris next to him.

The actor has not stopped bothering his wife! While she was lifting medicine balls, while doing weights or while training her legs, Chris has put his hands on his face, threw balls at him, has not stopped running at his side. Come on, that for a moment it has become another obstacle in Pataky's hard training and made him have a hard time. Concentrating like this is difficult.

But the actress, far from getting angry, has seemed a fun time. Elsa has not stopped laughing while her husband had all these gestures. And although he has hindered his exercises, he has made training one of the most enjoyable. In addition Hemsworth has had other very nice details with the mother of his children. At the same time it bothered him, he has given messages of encouragement to his wife so that the exercises were less hard. "? Well Elsa!? Come on Elsa!", Are some of the phrases that have not stopped repeating. Elsa has shared the moment with her followers on social networks, thanking her husband for his support and demonstrating how close they are.

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