Chris Hemsworth interferes with his wife in her career

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Chris Hemsworth interferes with his wife in her career
© Instagram / Chris Hemsworth
Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth, in addition to being one of the most established couples in Hollywood, are also one of the most attractive couples, something that has earned a pulse, because their work costs them.

Although both have spectacular genetics, marriage loves to play sports, and even more so when it comes to outdoor sports. That is his secret to maintaining a physical that removes the hiccups, a strict sport routine that they combine leading a life as healthy as possible, something that they have instilled in their children since they were very young.

By living in Byron Bay, a paradise where they are in constant contact with nature and where they also have a large garden, where they can afford to do sports without having to leave home, the couple costs less effort to exercise

The couple created an app to share their sports routines with their fans, they also usually publish content of their workouts in their respective Instagram accounts, and although the two take their routines very seriously, from time to time they are not as calm as they are I would like to, and there is always time for jokes and laughter.

In the last training that Elsa Pataky has shared with her followers, the actress has been cast intruder. Her husband Chris Hemsworth has decided to appear in the garden and not make it easy for his wife to perform their exercises.

Chris Hemsworth has not stopped bothering Elsa, while she raised medical balls or trains her legs, the actor has put his hands on his face or threw balls, also has not stopped running at his side. Elsa Pataky obviously has not pissed off her husband's joke, but quite the opposite, it has seemed a fun time she has shared with her Instagram followers.

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