Chris Pine will be the main character in the movie about the death of John F Kennedy

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Chris Pine will be the main character in the movie about the death of John F Kennedy
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November 22, 1963 is one of the most remembered days in history for the American people. The then President John F. Kennedy was traveling with his wife through the streets of Texas aboard a limousine when he was mysteriously killed by a sniper.

There were many audiovisual productions that portrayed this event. The most prominent are "JFK" of 1991 and "Jackie", starring Natalie Portman, 2016.

In 1991 the movie "JFK" directed by Oliver Stone won 2 Oscars Awards.

The director of Alfonso Gomez Rejon decided to undertake a project for a new movie about the events that occurred in November 1963, but this time with a slightly different approach. The filmmaker is known for his work on "Glee", "American Horror Story" and the new production of Amazon Prime Video, "Hunters".

Gomez Rejon will shoot the movie "Newsflash" that will focus on Walter Cronkite, the first journalist who announced the death of the president of the United States on television. Cronkite was recognized as the most reliable voice in the United States, as it had covered other national scandals such as the Watergate, the Vietnam War, and the murders of Martin Luther King and John Lennon.

However, his reputation grew even more when he did an excellent job in covering Kennedy's death. The person responsible for giving life to this character in the movie will be Chris Pine, known for his role as 'Kirk' in the saga of "Star Trek"; and his participation in "Wonder Woman". Recently I play 'Jay Singletary' in the television series "I am the night".

"Newsflash" will also feature the presence of Mark Ruffalo in the role of Don Hewitt, right hand and producer of Cronkite. Filming of the movie will begin in February 2020.

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