Chrissy Teigen Kim Raver and more applaud Sesame Street

11.19.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Chrissy Teigen Kim Raver and more applaud Sesame Street
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One will never be too old to see "Sesame Street". The endearing series turns 50 this month and is still a favorite among children and adults. Some celebrities shared their experiences watching, or participating, in the program. "It seems to me that 'Sesame Street' is the purest form of entertainment that has passed through the television screen. I grew up watching 'Sesame Street'. Seeing them grow with changing times, in addition to the impact they have had on the children you were going through difficulties such as the divorce of parents or autism ”they have adapted to so many different situations, but always with the purest feeling. 'Sesame Street' in fact makes me get excited by how empathetic and affectionate and pure and kind it has been to over the years. Nothing can illuminate a child's face like watching Elmo "” Chrissy Teigen, model and TV presenter.

I forgot that there were people there. It was so real. I really felt that I was dealing with these creatures, which were created in such a beautiful way. The puppeteers were absolutely brilliant because one forgot that they were there. They just knew how to do it ”Carol Burnett, a comedy icon that appeared on the show's first broadcast and returned as a guest frequently. "I learned to have 'Sesame Street'. I learned the alphabet. While people watched it on TV, I was part of it, so I think it was really the beginning of this creative world for me" Kim Raver, an actress who as a child He was part of the cast of "Sesame Street".

"Jim Henson has been one of my idols since I was a child. I still have a workshop in the basement of my house where I make puppets with foam rubber, pimpon balls like eyes and things like that. I think there is something so special to do inanimate objects, and when they can teach children around the world not only letters and numbers and vowels but about sharing and responsibility, that is something that will last 50 more years being realistic "” Neil Patrick Harris, actor. "'Sesame Street' has simply always expanded the boundaries and urged us to look at ourselves in a different way and to see others with compassion. And it has done so with humor and in a very pleasant way. So I think that it is the genius of the program and the reason why it has touched so many people for so long "" Emilio Estevez, actor and director.

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