Christian Bale refused to be Batman because of his allegiance

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Christian Bale refused to be Batman because of his allegiance
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Although he only delivered four films (including The Final Trick, perhaps the best of all), the alliance between Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan was solid and productive. Enough, in fact, for the actor wales to reject a contract that could have lined the kidney (even more) for loyalty to the filmmaker. As he commented in an interview for the Toronto Sun (via Indiewire), Bale did not want to play Batman again for the fourth time, so as not to contradict the wishes of the author of The Dark Knight.

"When they called us [after Batman Begins] and said 'Do you want to do another?', It was fantastic, and we said: 'This is ours, we will not have another chance," says Christian Bale about the relationships between him , Nolan and Warner executives. Which, how could it be otherwise, never had enough. "[After The Dark Knight] they came back and said:‘ Ok, now for the third one. "

Unfortunately for the study, Bale and Nolan had already made their plans for a ‘Bat-trilogy’. "Chris had always told me that if we were lucky enough to do three, we would leave him," says the actor. "Then, when they inevitably came back to ask" what do you think of a fourth? "I said:" No, we have to stick to Chris' dream, which was to do a trilogy at best. " "Better not to stretch things and fall into self-indulgence by making a fourth," he summarizes.

Thus, things followed their natural course: although The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn was not as unanimously acclaimed as its predecessors, the three 'Bat-movies' of Nolan and Bale remain acclaimed as the best thing that the cinema of Superheros. After them, the director and actor followed their own paths (Christian Bale just released Le Mans ’66, while Christopher Nolan prepares the mysterious Tenet) while the studio found a new Bruce Wayne with the face of Ben Affleck for Batman v. Superman: The dawn of Justice. On the other hand, Bale liked the signing of Robert Pattinson as a Batcave tenant, and even gave him advice on this.

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