Christian Bale laughs in response to the directors insult

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Christian Bale laughs in response to the directors insult
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“It's nice that the director says that I'm a complicated bastard, right?” Christian Bale burst out laughing when he hears that Le Mans '66 director James Mangold thinks his character resembles that of his character: rebellious, unfortunate, contestant, but also legendary British pilot Ken Miles.

Advertising such as the Ford vs. Ferrari movie, Le Mans ’66 is, on the one hand, the story of a peculiar friendship and, on the other, the struggle of some passionate ones against the authority of those who hire them. That is to say: a metaphor for independence that, in Spain, opens on November 15.

Matt Damon plays Texan Carroll Shelby, the first American to win the 24 hours of Le Mans, the ultimate endurance race. A charismatic guy, with the gift of people, to whom the Ford company gave him a blank check to make from scratch a bolido that defeated the almighty Ferrari of the 60s. The result was the iconic GT40.

Shelby's only condition was to hire the engineer and pilot Ken Miles, a driving genius capable of spitting in the face any mandamas of the Ford company if it interferes with his opinions. A candy for an SUV like Christian Bale, which is already well placed in the best actor pools for the next Oscars.

“I have a great admiration for Ken Miles. It is someone who did not want to be corrupted by all the nonsense surrounding the races. I couldn't stand the bureaucracy, ”describes Christian Bale in an interview for “I will not analyze if it looks like me. You can only say that you really enjoy playing. ”

Le Mans ‘66 is not another one of those actors that magically play younger characters. Both Shelby and Miles were already in their forties in 1966. And Batman and Bourne, although they do not comb gray hair yet, also grow older.

What they are far from is stars of the past like Steve McQueen (who starred in 1971 Le Mans, another fiction about the race) or Paul Newman (who also competed in motor racing).

"I am not a car lover, but the dynamic between a corporation that supports a project and the creative people who carry it out is a dynamic very similar to making a movie," Damon analyzes. “Fox gives us an amount of money and we make the movie. Although I am not passionate about cars I can understand the obsession of Miles and Shelby. We only do different things. ”

That is the heart of the movie, as its director James Mangold (Logan) emphasizes. “The movie talks about the difficulty of creative people in the twentieth century, who have to fight with these corporate structures,” he explains.

Mangold dodges to identify the historic victory of Ford with a symbolic victory of America. “The great villain or obstacle against the heroes is the Ford company itself. Enzo Ferrari, in the movie, is a kind of hero: in the end he takes his hat off to the protagonists, ”says the director.

“The movie is about a time when we were bigger, more innocent. But in the 1960s, large corporations began investing in sports and other matters. Le Mans' career had some purity, but when companies got involved everything became more confusing. Have sports lost their purity? It's a question that tries to answer the movie, ”he added.

Christian Bale (Oscar winner in 2010 for The fighter) and Matt Damon (Oscar winner as a screenwriter for The Indomitable Will Hunting), share generation but never coincided. "And we'll never do it again," Damon jokes.

But their mutual admiration is evident. “His discipline is incredible, beyond his talent and dedication. I lost 32 kg for this paper. That's a lot of weight, ”says Damon about the physical change of Bale (the enesimo of his career) to play the sassy Miles.

Christian Bale picks up the glove and prophesies: “Matt is a tremendously good actor, we've been doing this for decades. He has a great overview: He will direct movies and he will be an incredibly good director. You heard it here first. ”

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