Christina Aguilera opted for transparency in her latest show

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Christina Aguilera opted for transparency in her latest show
© Instagram / Christina Aguilera
The singer is in full tour of Europe, and her risky outfits for each concert impact the audience.

Christina Aguilera is the bearer of one of the best voices of her generation, and her continued success over the years is proof of that. The memorability of each one of their shows is, in part, a consequence of artistic strategies that exalt the eccentricity, both of their styles, and of the external details on the stage.

Her last great show of her X Tour took place in Dublin, Ireland. Based on the lyrics of many of his new songs, the pop icon personified that strength and boldness that he insists on transmitting, leaving everything in front of his large audience. To match this, he chose an impressive metallic suit that was complemented by the casual costumes of his dancers.

It was an infamous body with details of rhinestones, also decorated with subtle lights that enhanced the bright effect. The garment was silver on the left and bottom side, and transparent on the right side, exposing half of her bust. A stiff high neck in the back made the drama of the look, which wore net socks and buccaneer boots to the thigh, also silver. She wore her hair in a strained ponytail, a hairstyle that is already her registered trademark.

The 38-year-old singer often highlights her curves when dressing, so tight clothes are essential in her wardrobe. Although he has experienced many changes in his weight throughout his career, facing criticism in the process, Aguilera is at his best: he has declared that he finally feels happy in his own skin and that nothing and no one can attempt against Your genuine self love.

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