Christina Aguilera announces new single after the success of Say Something

11.19.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Christina Aguilera announces new single after the success of Say Something
© Instagram / Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera achieved the greatest success of her career in the era of streaming thanks to a collaboration. In 2013, the singer discovered 'Say Something', an original song by the New York band A Great Big World, thanks to her appearance on a television show, and in love with the song, she proposed the duo composed of Ian Axel and Chad King record a new version with his voice.

Thanks to Aguilera, ‘Say Something’ went from being a moderate success in the United States in its original version (it reached the top 16 in the country) to a global success. In 2015, the song won the Grammy for Best vocal performance duet and today its listeners on streaming platforms can only be branded as monstrous: 477 million on YouTube and 550 million on Spotify are not numbers available to all artists, much less of a debuting group and an artist whose commercial peak occurred in the era of the CD.

The author of 'Liberation' and the architects of 'When the Morning Comes' have very difficult to overcome these figures, but it seems that they will not miss the opportunity to try and have announced a new single set that will be released this Friday 22 November. It is entitled ‘Fall on Me’ and can be heard since 2018 in the voice of Andrea Bocelli and his son Mateo, so it is not exactly original, although it is a composition of A Great Big World. The group and Aguilera will premiere it live at the next edition of the American Music Awards, which takes place on Sunday 24.

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