Coldplay was shown on television with the premiere of a new song

11.11.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Coldplay was shown on television with the premiere of a new song
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Last Saturday Coldplay were the musical guests in the long-running variety show of American television Saturday Night Live. There, presented by actress Kristen Stewart, they performed two songs: the first was ‘Orphans‘, one of the two singles - along with ‘Arabesque‘ - with which days ago they advanced their new album,‘ Everyday Life ’. For her they were accompanied by a retinue of dancers who, camouflaged among the audience, were joining the performance with the group, culminating in a Buenarollista explosion already on stage.

The other song played was more juicy, since it was the premiere of one of the songs on the double album that we still didn't know. It was precisely the name of the album, a ballad that in this case they interpreted in a reduced format, with Chris Martin singing at the piano. In his studio version, released on streaming platforms shortly thereafter, we found that he has string arrangements by John Metcalfe, a regular member of The Durutti Column habitual in this type of productions for the group, who has also worked with U2, Blur or Peter Gabriel.

As confirmed after a curious way to advance the news by postal mail, Coldplay published ‘Everyday Life‘ on November 22, “experimental” aspiration disc subdivided into two parts, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’. Strikingly, on the same day of their publication they will offer two streaming concerts from Amman, Jordan: the first, offered at 5 AM Spanish time, will perform the first of these two albums, while doing the same with the second since 15 PM of that same Friday.

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