Coldplay will perform two concerts in Jordan again

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Coldplay will perform two concerts in Jordan again
© Instagram / Coldplay
Coldplay has reappeared on stage with the announcement of two concerts in Jordan on November 22 that will serve to release their double album 'Everyday life', consisting of 16 songs divided into two blocks: 'Sunset' and 'Sunrise'.

Now that everyone uses social networks to advertise new releases, the band led by Chris Martin - known for hits like 'Yellow', 'Viva la vida' and 'Paradise' - has done so very differently. Coldplay began by showing his foot with a letter by mail that informed his followers of the date of departure of his eighth album; later, he took out a leg with an ad in different local newspapers around the world, along with those of household appliances, where he listed the titles of the songs, and now he discovers full-length announcing two concerts in the city of Amman, capital of Jordan, where both parts of the disc will be interpreted.

The performance corresponding to 'Sunrise' will take place at the exact time of the Jordanian sunrise and that of 'Sunset' at sunset. In Spain, the first part of the show can be seen from five in the morning via streaming and the second half at three in the afternoon.

The group has already released a small sample of the album with three songs that are already available: 'Orphans', 'Arabesque' and 'Everyday life'; an advance that presents a Coldplay with a style that combines influences from the Middle East - present in 'Arabesque' - with a festive sound - more common in them - that invites you to have your feet well away from the ground, as in 'Orphans'.

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