Cole Sprouse also confessed his love for the Korean group BTS

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Cole Sprouse also confessed his love for the Korean group BTS
© Instagram / Cole Sprouse
Welcome to the ARMY! The actor of ‘Riverdale’ and metros Two meters from you ’, Cole Sprouse, has confessed that he would love that the BTS boys were his bff.

After winning the award for best drama actor in the People Choice Awards, Cole Sprouse went through the red carpet to attend the media. One of the questions asked by HollyWire's journalist was whether his serial companion, K. J. APA, was his ‘bro crush’ or if he had any more.

Cole has mentioned that among his 'bro crushes' is his twin brother Dylan, Chris Hemsworth (“a very cool man”) and all members of BTS, “you know I love K-pop,” he tells the journalist .

Unlike ‘Bromance’, which is when two colleagues have an emotional and emotional bond so intense that they seem like a couple (but without any sex), ‘Bro crush’ usually implies a platonic relationship of friendship. When a person seems so top that you die for being his friend.

To curl the curl further (sail this bro crush further), Twitter users have noticed a detail and point out that Cole Sprouse is a member of the ARMY from head to toe: The actor has an account High school on Instagram (@camara_duels) where he has five million followers but only follows the official BTS account (@ bts.big hit official).

Cole Sprouse is not the only celebrity who has spoken openly about how much they like the Korean K-pop group. Other celebrities like Charlie Puth who has performed live with Jungkook at the Genie Music Awards in South Korea; Billie Eilish, who recognizes that "they are great" because they say very nice things about her; or Becky G, who a few months ago premiered ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ junyo to j-hope.

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