Dakota Johnson charmed a man with the most sensual color

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Dakota Johnson charmed a man with the most sensual color
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Laconicum's best selling lipstick is the wine color that Dakota Johnson wore in 50 shades of Gray and that runs out non-stop because it is very moisturizing and leaves the lips super soft

The ultimate goal of painting our lips is, of course, to look more beautiful and give us an extra dose of safety and energy. Therefore, it is vitally important that our lipstick suits us (and our circumstances), that we love the color above all things, but also its texture and how it feels on our lips.

Therefore, everything we are going to tell you about the lipstick that runs out without stopping (and with reason), you will love it. Number one: it has to be seductive by force, since it is the one that Dakota Johnson carried in her role of Anastasia Steele in 50 darker shadows, the second part of the most famous romantic trilogy of recent years. We continue?

His name is one as evocative as 'Arabian Knights', a pun between 'knight' and 'Arab nights', those thousand and one nights that many yearn for, is from Ilia and "is made with 85% ingredients organic, its formula contains cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, pomegranate seed extract and essential oils of jasmine and orange, "they explain from Laconicum.

However, what, we are sure, makes Laconicum's best-selling lipstick is its elegant cherry-wine tone, but extremely sensual at the same time. And you will not only love the color but also its texture and comfort because, attention, it really is not a lipstick.

This lipstick managed to conquer Christian Gray and a lot of fans of the trilogy that exhausted him in a matter of hours and created a waiting list of never ending.

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