Danny Devito did the impossible for the mother of the little actress

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Danny Devito did the impossible for the mother of the little actress
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In 1996 the movie was released that would change an entire generation with its special effects that gave the main character "super powers" to move objects with the mind and make accounts of multiple digits without a calculator.

Mara Wilson appeared at the casting for Matilda with eight years but was on the sets of filming since the age of three, when she began her career in the world of advertising; her first role for the big screen came at six, when she was the daughter of Robin Williams in Papa forever.

When playing Matilda, the young woman moved freely next to big stars like Danny DeVito, however, that energetic and fun girl was the result of an incredible professional talent of the little actress who lives with a tragic personal situation.

During the filming of the film that would bring her to fame, Mara Wilson witnessed how her mother fought in a hospital for her health, suffering from cancer. Suzie, in addition to raising Mara with her brothers Danny, Jhon, Joel and Anna, was the representative of the little actress.

Although she accompanied her to the castings, and watched over her daughter's safety during work hours, she never qualified in that way: “She would never have called herself a representative because her biggest fear was that she was labeled as the typical mom as a child artist but it was what it was, and he did it very well. I never lost sight of the shooting sets. I was there to do a job, and she was there to make sure I did it safely, ”Mara wrote in an extensive letter.

Almost 25 years after the premiere of Matilda, the actress remembered her mother and added in the same text: “She and I were the ones who spent more time together. I am very grateful for that, but every day I regret the time with her that I take away from my brothers. ”

Suzie and Mara found during the worst stage of the disease the support of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, the actors who played Matilda's terrible parents but who in "real life" supported and accompanied the girl throughout the filming as if they were the parents themselves and they prioritized the girl before the star.

In the most critical stage of Suzie's disease, producer DeVito did everything possible to get the movie finished: hurried to the technicians, asked for the habilitation in the hospital and converted the room in which Mara's mother was admitted to a small personal movie theater so that the woman could see her daughter's last job.

That gesture was one of the last moments that the actress lived with her mother, Susie who died on April 26, 1996. The movie was released a few weeks later.

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